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NOTE: I have been through a tough 5 years but think I may be back up to "playing" again. At this time I only want to see people I have seen before. After my "accident" and I almost died I thought it was best to destroy all my records of my naughty ones so I have no way to contact anyone. I did not want any of that information falling into the wrong hands if I should pass away.

If you may want to see me again write to my old email address. It is back up and I am checking it daily.

Hope to see some of my old friends again!


Where naughty boys and girls get the spankings they need!

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I know you've been naughty!

It's time for your spanking!

Hi, I'm Aunt Vicki and I am ready to give you the spanking you've been waiting for.

Aunt Vicki


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